An informative CPD session with dinner on Wednesday, January 24, 2018 organized by the York CPA Ontario Association.

Three speakers will present on the following topics:

Speaker #1
Title: Dialing Growth Down Not Turning it Off
Speaker: Mr. Andrew Grantham, Senior Economist at CIBC
Description: Considers the outlook for growth, interest rates and exchange rates in the face of housing market and trade uncertainties.

Speaker #2
Title: Tax, Estate and Insurance Planning Consultant
Speaker: Jonah Mayles, LLB
Description: How CCPCs will use insurance in light of the passive income proposals. Insurance can play a vital role for businesses, and when used properly can add significant value to businesses and their shareholders such as liquidity, accommodating shareholder buy-outs, and planning for death. Jonah will share how to use insurance effectively and highlight what structures could be considered. He'll also share key questions for every business and adviser to ask to ensure the insurance policy will accomplish the business and shareholder goals.

Speaker #3
Title: The 2018 CPA Jobs by Liminari
Speaker: Adam Bercovici
Description: Using proprietary data from our community of thousands of CPAs, Luminari is able to pull out unique data that showcases the trends of CPA careers across the country. In his talk, Adam will be sharing some of the most fascinating stats and figures about how the new generation of CPAs want different things in their career. Focusing on never before shared data, Adam will take you through the state of CPA career progression and what people want from their careers in 2018 (hint; it's not necessarily money). He'll also be discussing some of the early trends Luminari has been seeing from the amalgamation and how it's affecting salary expectations, along with thoughts on the future of designated professionals and their careers as more and more jobs are automated.

Registration Deadline: Jan. 22, 2018
Withdrawal Deadline: Jan. 10, 2018