This seminar will cover the following:

Adopting the Canadian Standards on Review Engagements (CSRE) 2400 (Morning Session)

A significant change to our assurance standards is approaching. Are you confident and comfortable with the new Canadian Standards on Review Engagements (CSRE 2400) effective for period ends on or after December 17, 2017. This presentation provides an overview of what’s new, a comparison of the old standards to the new standards, and the “Top Five” things you need to do NOW to get ready for CSRE 2400.

The presentation is intended to both help firms meet the documentation standards required by CSRE 2400 and help to make the implementation of the standards cost effective.

Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and the CPA profession (Afternoon Session)

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are hot topics both as technologies and investments. Ethereum, ICOs and proof of concept are among the buzz words associated with these topics. The blockchain technology has the potential to be a significant disruptor in terms of how business transactions are initiated, authorized and recorded. A question that has not been explored until recently is how this technology will affect the CPA profession.

A recently published CPA Canada report on blockchain technology has urged professionals to understand the implications of this technology on the profession. In this training course, we will make blockchain technology and cryptocurrency understandable and provide practitioners with action steps to help them prepare for this game changing technology.

Registration Deadline: Dec. 5, 2018
Withdrawal Deadline: Nov. 24, 2018