President's Message

Welcome to the Kingston CPA Ontario Association! With nearly 500 CPAs in the Kingston and Napanee area, our goal is to connect with our members at the local level and support them with networking with our members, achieving their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements, or welcoming new members to the profession.

The Kingston CPA Ontario Association aims to be inclusive and welcoming of all CPAs in Eastern Ontario. Highlights from our past events include breakfast seminars and new member recognition celebrations. We are also proud and active participants in the Tax Preparation Assistance Program, which is a valuable service to our community that continues to grow each year.

Should you have any ideas or suggestions for events or PD opportunities that we can offer, please feel free to email me at, so that it can be considered for future discussion and event planning. I look forward to seeing you at future meetings and events.

Yours sincerely,
Alynn Boyle's Signature
Alynn Boyle CPA, CGA
President, Kingston CPA Ontario Association