President's Message

Welcome to the Chatham-Sarnia CPA Ontario Association! Our Association is led by four CPA Ontario volunteers who support 600 CPAs in the area who work across a diverse range of sectors and industries.

Throughout the year, our events will be held at three main locations, which include, but not limited to: Sarnia, Chatham and Wallaceburg. We have been busy planning a number of unique events including our featured event Forensic Document Examination and Forgery Analysis in May that will be held in Chatham. Attending our events is an easy and exciting way to obtain your CPD hours and meet new people, as well as an opportunity to learn, network and participate in Q&A.

We are always looking for ideas, presentation topics and suggestions for events so please feel free to contact me. We strive to organize events that are valuable and meaningful to you with fun networking opportunities so that you can connect and create lasting relationships with your fellow CPAs. We look forward to seeing you at future meetings and events!

Yours sincerely,
Catrina Moore's Signature
Catrina Moore, CPA, CGA
President, Chatham-Sarnia CPA Ontario Association