Excel for Accountants
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9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Centre Regional de Loisirs Culturels Kapuskasing,
7 Avenue Aurora,
Kapuskasing, Ontario, P5N 1J6
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Excel is the accountant's tool of choice for analyzing and reporting financial data, yet most accountants have never received any formal Excel training. As a result, many accountants use time-consuming and error-prone processes to complete everyday tasks.

This highly acclaimed course contains hundreds of tips, tricks, and techniques to improve your productivity. Its content is based on over twenty years of experience in delivering Excel training to accountants and on feedback from tens of thousands of accounting just like you. The course has six major areas of topical coverage: productivity tips and tricks, formatting essentials, customizing Excel, formula-building essentials, three-dimensional workbooks, and printing essentials. If you are an Excel user, regardless of your level of experience, and you have never taken a formal Excel training course for accountants, you need this course!


  • Identify tips and tricks in Excel such as Freeze Panes, Split Windows, Selecting Cells with Special Characteristics, Using AutoCorrect, Adding Date and Time Stamps, Working with the Office Clipboard, and Paste Special and describe how to use each to increase productivity with Excel
  • Describe tools and techniques for formatting in Excel, including Multiline Column Headings, The Accounting Format, Custom Date and Number Formats, and Conditional Formatting
  • Identify opportunities to customize Excel and describe procedures for Customizing the Ribbon, Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar, Adjusting Excel’s Options, Using Templates to Increase Productivity, Modifying Excel’s Global Templates, and Working with Custom Themes
  • Describe Excel’s formula building tools, including Absolute vs. Relative Cell References, The Formula Tab, Performing Calculations on Dates, Splitting and Combining Text Strings, Using the Text to Columns Wizard, Working with Defined Names, Conditional Calculations, VLOOKUPs and HLOOKUPs
  • Describe how to link data from multiple Excel workbooks, including Creating Links, Handling Broken Links, Combining Single-Sheet Workbooks, Creating Sum-through Formulas and Rolling Reports
  • Define the process for printing data from Excel, including describing How to Adjust Various Print Settings, Using the Camera Feature to Create Report Forms, and Working with Custom Views to Automate Print Settings to Print Reports

    Accountants who want to learn how to use Excel more efficiently and effectively.

Special instructions
  • Participants will have access to sample data files.
  • Participants should have fundamental knowledge of Excel operations.
  • Group-live demo and discussion using color computer projection.
  • This course is “laptop friendly”, so feel free to bring your laptop equipped with Excel 2007 or above.
  • This course will be taught in Windows Excel 2016. Reference will be made to the differences between Excel 2016 and Excel 2013, 2010 and 2007.

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Speaker Bio

K2E Canada Inc, and its US partner K2 Enterprises is the pre-eminent provider of technology-focused continuing professional education to accountants and other professionals in Canada and the United States. We offer seminars on Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and Access. In addition, our catalogue includes seminars on Internal Controls, Cloud Computing, Tech Tools to Prevent Fraud, Adobe PDF and overviews of current technology for accountants.

Marion Williams, a Senior Associate with K2 Enterprises Canada since 2009, provides consulting and training services throughout Canada. With a background in the insurance industry, Marion earned the FLMI designation with a specialty in Information Systems. Marion specializes in training all the Microsoft Office products at an advanced level. In addition to her K2 teaching, Marion develops custom databases for a variety of business sectors, using Access, Excel and VBA.