This event includes 4 hours of Ethics CPD.

This is a refresher course for CPAs intended to update the knowledge and practice of Ethics in the Accounting profession. The participants will test themselves on their knowledge, work on actual problems as well as cases to illustrate that the correct decisions are not necessarily obvious. The key document is the Institute's Code of Professional Conduct (CPC), however other sources and theories will be reviewed. he participants will also review some of the decisions made by the CPA Ontario Discipline Committee. The desired outcome is that the attendees are better able to recognize potential problems and act to reflect best practices in their work.


  • A renewed appreciation of the CPC
  • A better awareness of potential problems in the ethics of accountants
  • An overview of theories relating to the ethical/moral practice of accounting
  • A refreshed understanding of the requirements of the Institute and CPAO's system for examining alleged breaches of the Code
  • Enhanced abilities in dealing with staff and superiors
  • A pro-active approach to "best behaviour"


  • Theory of Ethics; The "Public Interest";
  • Ethics of the Profession;
  • Rules & Principles;
  • The Code of Professional Conduct;
  • The Discipline process;
  • Conflicts in Ethics;
  • Resolving Conflicts of Interest;
  • Recognizing Problem Situations, what to do when things go wrong.


  • This seminar is designed for CPA members across Canada - in all sectors