NOTE: This is an On Demand learning bundle. This course suite is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Once registered, you can access the material at any time. However, you will only have access to the course for 30 days AFTER REGISTRATION closes.

Learn essential presentation skills and lesser known functions through simulation-based exercises and interactive tutorials in this CPA Ontario learning course bundle.

This bundle includes six, online courses:

1. Microsoft Word 2019: Intermediate (4 hours)

Learn how to take your Word skills to a deeper level by doing, not watching in this course that covers themes and templates, how to work with long documents, and how to insert tables and graphics.

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2. Microsoft Word 2019: Advanced (4 hours)

Master MS Word by learning how to work with advanced documents, collaborate using Word and how to mail merge. Enhancements for 2019 include a customizable set of digital pens, LaTeX math support to create math equations, and the ability to easily transform a document into a web page.

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3. Microsoft PowerPoint 2019: Basic (4 hours)

Organize key messages and work with content to deliver engaging slideshows. Discover the possibilities of the program with an overview of PowerPoint fundamentals. 

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4. Microsoft PowerPoint 2019: Intermediate (4 hours)

Explore intermediate formatting and themes, and master slides and self-running presentations. 2019 enhancements include the ability to use 3D models in presentations, draw with digital ink, and export presentations in 4K.

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5. Microsoft Teams (4 hours)

Record a meeting and share your screen so you can communicate effectively with your team while working remotely. Explore how to manage your workspace, use chats, create meetings and more.

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6. OneDrive for Business (1 hour)

Learn OneDrive fundamentals such as how to create and manage files and folders, upload and open files, and manage version history. You will also learn how to connect and save from Microsoft Office.

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  • Discover MS Word’s enhanced library of icons and 3D images, 360-degree image rotation and Microsoft Translator
  • Apply advanced word processing tools such as internationalization and accessibility
  • Get an overview of PowerPoint fundamentals and learn how to deliver a custom slide show
  • Learn how to manage pictures, graphics, and work with animation within PowerPoint
  • Explore Teams tools to chat, meet, and collaborate from any location
  • Best practices on how to store, share and sync files in the cloud


Business professionals with a working knowledge of Microsoft Word looking to improve productivity and functionality when managing and working with documents, and anyone who are responsible for creating and managing slide shows and presentations.