This event includes 4 hours of Ethics CPD.

This course provides CPAs with the tools to consider business ethics in specific situations. Group case work is done to analyze ethical and unethical approaches to making business decisions. It examines the impact of ethical behavior on the company’s bottom line and its stakeholders. It assesses tough ethical issues that board members, managers and auditors encounter in fulfilling their duties. Case studies are also utilized to analyze ethical and unethical approaches to important business decisions. The CPA Code of Professional Conduct is examined, which all CPAs are required to comply with. CPAs will be empowered to work as leaders and influence and participate in ethical decision making in their companies.


  • Long Term Benefits of Ethical Behavior – ROI
  • Role of the Professional Accountant in a Capitalistic Society
  • Ethical Issues in the Accounting Profession
  • Ethical Decision Making Framework, Pitfalls and Case Studies
  • How to Create an Ethical Workplace
  • Corporate Culture and Ethical Leadership


This seminar is designed for CPAs who are board members, in management, and are auditors. It will enable CPAs to make good business decisions in their companies.