The Visionary Leader is the second part of the CFO Certificate Program which Is designed for aspiring, new and experienced CFOs.

Visionary leaders successfully inspire their teams to achieve common, overarching goals. They leverage their teams’ capabilities to deliver innovative insights, while keeping their organizations’ long-term sustainability in mind. To tackle their organizations’ toughest challenges, today’s CFOs must be forward-thinking, flexible, and adaptive to change. This program will help aspiring, new, and experienced CFOs develop a practical set of skills for driving strategy and nurturing creativity and innovation among their team members. Participants will become more pro-active members of their executive teams, further contributing to their organizations’ performance.

This program fosters a high energy, interactive learning environment. Activities consist of a combination of cases, exercises, tool kits, lively discussions, as well as networking and sharing experiences. Your active participation will be required throughout the program. Come prepared for a unique experience that will move you towards realizing your full CFO potential. Allow us to guide you on your journey.

What You Will Learn:

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Distinguish between the roles of managers and leaders and describe the ways in which they are complimentary.
  • Outline the challenges involved in articulating a vision and explain the differences between a vision and a strategy.
  • Describe the competencies of a visionary leader and practical steps you can take to make better, more informed decisions.
  • Outline key principles of corporate governance and information security.

What Topics are Covered:

  • Improving your strategic thinking
  • Fostering ongoing organizational innovation, performance, and growth
  • Defining ‘real’ strategy
  • Exploring the implications of environmental factors on businesses
  • Integrating strategy with risk management
  • Bridge building across the organization
  • Building a trusted relationship with your CEO
  • Efficient information management
  • Corporate governance and information security
  • Career visioning - Identifying your CFO Inertia
  • Talent management

Who will Benefit:

  • This program is designed for aspiring, new and experienced CFOs focused on the continued development of specific in-demand skills and competencies required to lead from the top.

Special Instructions/Notes:

  • This program is an in-depth, residential experience, and includes all meals and accommodations (3 nights) at a five-diamond conference facility.
  • Any pre-reading or course work to be completed prior to the program will be emailed to you in advance of the program start. Please ensure your email address is up-to-date.