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73 % of what we communicate to other people is expressed through our body language and facial expression. We may say one thing, but “project” a different message. We are subconsciously judged by our body movements and our eyes, facial habits, and posture.


  • Identify your own positive and negative habits
  • Learn great new habits
  • Understand the habits of famous people, and why they work or don’t work


  • What exactly do we mean we mean by “presence” – and why do we want it?
  • Body language for business meetings
  • Body language while presenting and negotiating
  • Body language for interviews and networking (Can you talk, stand, and eat at the same time? Learn the secret)
  • Being interviewed for television
  • How to reprogram yourself in three months – one step at a time


Any professional who wants to project a confident, dynamic image in meetings, presentations, networking events and more.