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Most professionals have heard of bitcoin and are at least somewhat familiar with its underlying “blockchain” or “distributed ledger” technology. There is, however, much more to blockchain technology than simply digital currency. Businesses, governments, law and financial services firms, as well as educational and health care institutions around the globe are discovering unprecedented efficiencies and cost savings. Blockchain technology is creating exciting new opportunities for all kinds of professionals who understand its potential.

Change will come quickly, and this course is a first step for financial professionals and business leaders to support their organizations in adopting these new technologies and subsequent business practices.


By the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Explain how blockchains work and how they enabled early use cases like Bitcoin
  • Explain how blockchains enable self-enforcing electronic “smart contracts”, which eliminate middlemen and reduce transaction costs
  • Describe actual distributed ledger technology projects that are profoundly improving ways of doing business
  • Describe the historical issues that have complicated payments on the Internet prior to the invention of the blockchain, and how the new technology unites money and the Internet in an unprecedented way


Financial professionals and business leaders across industries who are unfamiliar with blockchain technology and are interested in a general introduction.