These videos were recorded at CPA Ontario's Not-For-Profit Conference on September 11, 2018.

  • Data from a Not-for-Profit Lens (48 minutes)
  • Converting to Electronic Payables and Receivables (56 minutes)
  • Using Dashboards for Business Intelligence - A Case Study (45 minutes)

Data from a Not-for-Profit Lens

When it comes to data analytics, deciphering the jargon can be just as challenging as interpreting the data. Join Joy Robson and Victor Anjos as they break down the buzzwords, leaving you with a clear understanding of key terminology and a broader understanding of descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics. The Data For Good co-founders will also reference previous collaborative projects within the not-for-profit sector and discuss an organization’s overall readiness for data impact. Is your organization ready? Come find out!

Converting to Electronic Payables and Receivables

If your organization is on the fence about digitizing your payables and receivables, consider this: Electronic payments and electronic receipt of funds has less risk, is less prone to human error, takes less time and may even cost less than manual payments. Not convinced your organization is ready to make the switch? Step into the future with Betty Ferreira, Heather Simpson, Marilyn Benninger and Jennifer Toh as they cover topics like cybersecurity and mitigating risk, integrating electronic payments into the accounting process, and how to ensure compliance with existing policies.

Using Dashboards for Business Intelligence - A Case Study

The key to making a real impact on your organization’s performance levels is business intelligence. But what’s the best way to improve your access to this information? What tools should you be utilizing? Data visualization technology can help your organization build an interactive dashboard that streamlines reporting, information sharing and strategy analysis. During this session, Teilo Moore and Deborah Bruce will use real case studies to share best practices and lessons learned, providing insight into how organizations of all sizes can benefit from this technology.