NOTE: This new certificate program is an eight-week, online course that will follow the same format each week: A 90-minute highly interactive live video call, and several self-paced microlearning segments to be completed throughout the week. The course will include videos, articles, podcasts, self-reflection exercises and group discussions using Blackboard. The interactive sessions will include regularly scheduled breaks and opportunities for virtual networking. In addition to these live sessions there is also an On Demand E-learning component which we have added at no additional cost. The course entitled "The Art of Leadership Communication" can be found on our blackboard site, to be taken anytime during the duration of this course. Please click here for more information

Participants must have a reliable internet connection, a working webcam with microphone, and are expected to be on camera during live sessions. Recordings of all sessions will be available to all registrants.

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  • Mon, Jan 27 - log into Blackboard
  • First session: Wed, Jan 27 @ 10:00 am - 11:30 am
  • Sessions Two to Eight: Every Wednesday (after Jan 27) for 8 weeks starting at 10 am - 11:30 am.
  • CAREER STAGE: Early and Mid career

    The future of work is about being self-aware, compassionate, and empathic.

    This CPA Ontario Certificate in Modern Leadership will kick-start your transformation into becoming a next-generation leader. Explore leadership skills needed to coach and empower others and to foster psychologically safe and inclusive working environments. With exercises designed to challenge you and help you grow, equip yourself with tools you can start using today to become a Millennial leader who people want to follow.

    At the core of collaboration, creativity, and communication is a willingness to be uncomfortable, a skill that can be developed through exposure. This program provides a supportive learning environment where participants can have tough conversations and prepare to handle challenges of the future.

    A Certificate of Completion will be issued to participants who complete three things: a self-assessment of their participation in the course, a final project reflecting on lessons learned, and an action plan on how to take those lessons forward.


    • Contribute to psychologically safe workspaces
    • Effectively give and receive feedback
    • Create growth and meaning in the workplace
    • Empower others
    • Create and foster an inclusive team environment
    • Communicate clearly and empathetically
    • Develop a clear vision and strategy for the team
    • Collaborate with their team and cross-functionally
    • Make supportive choices


    Aspiring leaders and professionals looking to take their leadership skills to the next level within a multigenerational workforce.