Leaders play a vital role in creating a motivating environment where teams can excel. This three-part course covers concepts and techniques to develop leadership skills of someone people trust, because people are inspired by people they trust and can be mobilized toward a common goal. When you strive to inspire others, you demonstrate credibility and create a community with a shared vision. To ensure growth and overall success as a leader, responsible leadership includes monitoring and assessing your own progress as you develop.


  • 1. Becoming an Inspirational Leader • explore the traits and behaviours that inspirational leaders exemplify • learn how your words and actions can help persuade your employees to believe in a vision • look at the role of clear, credible, and persuasive messages in inspirational leadership
  • 2. Leading Through Motivation • discover multiple motivation techniques • use motivation to inspire employees and keep them engaged and excited about their work
  • 3. Gauging Your Leadership Performance • perform self-assessments with techniques such as reflective journaling, surveys and checklists, and 360-degree feedback • increase your motivation and manage your own learning by creating a leadership development plan


Managers, team leaders, or professionals who want to increase their understanding of developing leadership attributes of self-assessment, motivation, inspiration and more.