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No longer are financial results accepted as the sole source of performance measurement. Developing effective performance measures begins with understanding objectives and values. These factors contribute to the overall success of the organization and help translate strategic vision into specific actions. It is time to make performance measurement more relevant and effective within your organization by learning how to develop and align management performance expectations and results with those of the organization.

In this course, the approaches presented will make performance measurement and improvement more effective and strategically supported from management’s perspective; essentially, understanding the business first will result in measurable differences to your overall financial performance.


  • Reframing performance expectations
  • Defining strategy and performance
  • Aligning management’s expectations
  • Identifying key strategic objectives
  • Outlining strategic performance drivers
  • Identifying key strategic measures
  • Developing associated key performance indicators


This course will benefit anyone responsible for ensuring and managing performance management from a non-financial perspective, especially leaders that come from a background based solely upon financial reporting metrics. This course will benefit those in roles that require managing the performance, change, and risk expectations within their role, departments, and company.