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This is a new style of online learning: interactive, social, with micro-lessons of less than ten minutes. The material is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, beginning IMMEDIATELY. Once registered, you can access the material at any time. However, you will only have access to the course for thirty days after REGISTRATION.

Imagine you had a secret formula that supercharged your career, enabling you to make your voice heard, create more value, and take charge of your organizational destiny. Also, imagine that secret formula supercharged your team and your organization by improving accountability, productivity, creativity and engagement by 17 to 43%! Here is the secret: How you show up in your followership role is just as important as how you show up in your leadership role. The formula is leadership skills + followership skills = great partnerships.

Step into your most confident, influential self while you help those around you be better leaders, collaborators and partners.


  • Surprising research on followership (hint: it’s the most important untapped skill for organizations and careers)
  • How to take initiative in ways that are most effective
  • How to increase your value to your team and organization
  • How to have more positive influence
  • How to get invaluable feedback for your career
  • How to be an effective partner to those you work, live and play with
  • Many tips and tools to be more brilliant in your followership AND more brilliant in your leadership


This course is suitable for everyone whether you are new in the workforce and looking to accelerate your career, or a senior leader (Controller or CFO) looking to have more influence, or a senior partner focused on succession planning, building accountability, and taking their organization to a higher level of performance and collaboration.