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This newly revised course has shifted online into two, half-day, live, instructor-led sessions. We recognize that online learning a vastly different experience from an in-person seminar and our instructors have adapted the interactive sessions to include regularly scheduled breaks and digital breakout rooms for group discussions. Our goal is to make your experience more convenient as we navigate the new reality of virtual learning.


  • Tues, Aug 11 @ 8:30am - 12:30pm
  • Wed, Aug 12 @ 8:30am - 12:30pm
  • This session explores the detection and deterrence of fraud, and is led by a full time forensic accountant. This includes examples from real-life experience with lawyers, government organizations, and other accountants. Case studies will comprise a significant portion of the session. Learn how to detect the "red flags" of fraud. The attendee will understand the mechanisms of risk tolerance and management, as well as fraud prevention, deterrence, and mitigation. In addition, the attendee will learn how to use fraud-risk assessment in his or her organization.


    • A risk-based approach to fraud
    • Fraud and accounting standards
    • "Red flags" of fraud
    • Risk tolerance and management


    Public practitioners, controllers, managing accountants, auditors and any other individuals in a position of responsibility for an organization where significant fraud risk(s) exist.