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This CPA Ontario learning bundle features two online courses that focus on data governance and data-driven initiatives:

1. Data Governance Innovations by TDWI (8 hours)

Learn about the current industry thinking on next generation data governance.

This course takes on the important topic of governing data in today’s fast-moving business environment. Learn ways to modernize initiatives to enable more efficient and effective data governance. From agile development methodologies to the use of big data and cloud services, learn how to change your thinking about data governance and adapt to contemporary governance techniques.

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2. Requirements for Data-Driven Enterprises by TDWI (8 hours)

Learn how the needs for data-driven initiatives differ from traditional efforts.

This course outlines how the requirements needed for projects driven by data differ from traditional initiatives. The contrasts are highlighted by discussions topics about the challenges, classifications, and discovery techniques required for data-driven cases. Learn the differences in areas of elicitation and products, and analysis and management. Recognizing the importance of these needs goes beyond surface requirements and is critical to ensuring the business value of the data-driven initiative is realized.

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  • Understand the risks, challenges and opportunities of big data governance
  • Explore new ways to overcome conflicts
  • Apply new models, practices and processes for modern data governance
  • Understand why requirements management is essential and how it is performed
  • Apply proactive approaches to requirements discovery
  • Identify requirements for data-driven initiatives


Data quality and data governance professionals; data stewards, architects, and administrators; anyone needing to modernize a data governance program for agile, business intelligence (BI), big data or cloud services. BI program and project managers, business and system analysts, project business representatives, and key stakeholders of an enterprise.