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Many leaders today fail because they truly do not understand themselves - their strengths, their challenges, their stress levers. And they do not truly understand/appreciate how to best communicate, collaborate and motivate others.

Based on research and experiential learning from areas as varied as Dale Carnegie, Second City Improv, and the University of Pennsylvania’s Positive Psychology Centre, this course will provide you with further awareness of yourself and how to better collaborate and communicate, and a few more tools to help you become a better teammate, a better performer and a better leader.


  • Understanding your behavioural tendencies and styles – what makes you tick and what your blind spots are
  • Enhancing your communication skills through positive and valued dialogue
  • Effectively assessing and enhancing individual performance and motivation


This program is designed for everyone who seeks to become better than they are, learners who are seeking more skills and knowledge. Especially those newly appointed and emerging mangers and leaders of projects and teams.