Six Sigma and Lean have become standard business process improvement methodologies and are powerful strategies for transforming business.

Measuring key performance indicators (KPIs) is one way of ensuring a successful business process improvement of a project. And central to evaluating these KPIs is the identification, collection, and analysis of data related to process design and process control.

This course explores the adequate and accurate measurement systems vital to the success of data collection and analysis. These systems are critical to the overall success of any Lean or Lean Six Sigma initiatives in an organization and can inform decisions about process improvement, process control, and process design.

This six-part course is aligned with the American Society for Quality’s (ASQ) 2015 Six Sigma Green Belt Body of Knowledge.


1. Six Sigma Process Documentation and Analysis

  • use the basic statistical tools for describing, presenting, and analyzing data

2. Six Sigma Probability and Statistical Distributions

  • learn how to calculate probability
  • explore different types of distributions

3. Six Sigma Data Classification

  • explore the different data types relevant to Lean Six Sigma projects
  • review data classification
  • examine methods for sampling and collecting data as part of a Lean process improvement initiative

4. Six Sigma Statistics and Graphical Presentation

  • look at the basic statistical tools for describing, presenting, and analyzing data

5. Six Sigma Measurement Systems Analysis

  • present measurement system analysis
  • explore how to address the precision and accuracy of your system
  • carry out various calculations and analysis, such as gauge repeatability and reproducibility study

6. Six Sigma Process and Performance Capability Measurement

  • study Six Sigma process and performance capability measurement best practices


Candidates seeking Six Sigma Green Belt certification and business professionals, engineers and production managers responsible for improving quality and processes at the organizational or departmental level.