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This half-day course covers a variety of useful financial negotiation tips, illustrated by real-life examples that will get you thinking, and help your organization to be financially successful in negotiations. This seminar is different from and complements tactical/strategic negotiation seminars, by being more financial-oriented, with lots of specific examples. It is partly about how to persuade, but more about creating different financial options that would be attractive to other party. It also covers key watch-outs and approaches to avoid. Participants will work through several mini-cases, to apply principles and increase their creativity. They can also bring current work negotiation situations to class to brain storm on them.


  • General financial negotiation tips
  • Financing negotiations
  • Purchasing negotiations - service and goods
  • Complex deals with multiple elements
  • Working the numbers to your advantage
  • Finding new angles and dimensions to negotiate
  • Sharing success with the other party
  • Examples in various industries and contexts


This seminar is for anybody involved directly or indirectly in or advising with respect to financial negotiations, whether they are accountants or not. It is very good for senior industry accountants, as well as those in public practice or consulting, who advise clients.