The seminar will introduce participants to basic tools and techniques that professionals can use to improve their communication skills when dealing with the unexpected during a conversation or presentation. The instructor will draw upon the craft of theatre improvisation to help you learn and practice the skills needed to “think on your feet”. Improvisation is typically associated with theatre and comedy, but the techniques used in improvisation, such as active listening and accepting, provide an extraordinary system to help you improve your ability to respond quickly and with control in unexpected situations. The environment will be positive, safe and encouraging, intent on helping you develop a greater sense of confidence in your communication skills.


  • Communication trouble spots or situations where you do not feel comfortable or in control when interacting with others
  • An introduction to improvisation techniques
  • Defining “thinking on your feet” and learning how improvisation can help
  • Case examples will be used


Business professionals looking for tools to gain a greater sense of calm, confidence and control when confronted with unexpected situations.