Mange your online communication with one application. In this online course you will learn the basics of Outlook by doing, not watching. An overview of Outlook fundamentals will keep you organized and connected. Simulation-based exercises and interactive tutorials will teach you how to use email, calendar, and contacts.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

    • apply Outlook fundamentals: navigate and search, delete and restore items, use the view tab and the toolbar
    • use mail: compose, retrieve, and read email; reply and forward; work with attachments and pictures; check spelling and grammar; sort email; create signatures; and send automatic replies
    • manage contacts: add and import contacts; use the address book; view and search; edit and delete; tag, sort, and share; and create and modify groups
    • manage calendar: create and edit appointments, schedule meetings, edit and track meetings, make recurring appointments, and respond to invitations
    • Who will Benefit:

      Business professionals with little to no knowledge of Microsoft Outlook who use email and the internet to manage their calendar and contacts.