Many talented employees find themselves supervising others, yet few receive sufficient training in the skills needed to succeed in the role. In this workshop, participants will explore the role of manager and acquire practical tools to manage and develop the performance of their people. Participants gain insight into what really motivates employees and practice key skills in the areas of: setting strategically aligned goals, effective delegation, and how to give useful feedback – in person and in writing. As part of this workshop, participants create their own personal Manager Roadmap and action plan based on real life examples, discussion, and active practice.


  • The Role of a Manager - Participants clarify the most important aspects of their role in leading others, and the purpose and benefits of managing performance. Learn about the underlying factors that must be present for employees to perform.
  • Align Goals - Participants explore the importance of aligning employee performance goals with business objectives and how to take a balanced approach to goal setting. Practice drafting clear, strategically aligned team goals.
  • Motivation and the Art of Delegation - Participants discuss how to create a motivating work environment, and how delegating can mobilize performance and productivity. Walk through the “what” and “how” of delegating.
  • Give Feedback and Recognize Performance - Participants learn how to deliver the ABC’s of positive and constructive feedback in person and in writing. Explore why recognition drives performance and low / no cost ways to recognize achievements.


This workshop is designed for participants who are responsible for overseeing the work of others or have the potential to take on a management / supervisory role within the next 1-2 years.