Become a better business advisor by understanding the worth of value-added advice.To retain existing clients, lower fee pressures, and gain referrals to build out their portfolios, public accountants must prioritize being value-added business advisors to audit and other attest clients. This course provides proven tips and techniques for ensuring your firm has the capacity to grow and expand in a healthy manner.


By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • identify techniques to anticipate and prevent issues that could negatively impact your client’s operations
  • discuss the importance of providing value-added business advice to clients
  • demonstrate ways to build trust with clients
  • discuss what differentiates your firm from the competition
  • leverage engagement team discussions for a better understanding of your clients’ needs
  • identify risk of material misstatement
  • provide value-added business advice in audit and other attest services
  • use tactics to connect with existing and prospective clients on a deeper level

Who Will Benefit:

Supervisors and managers in public accounting who wish to learn how to leverage the time spent on audit and other attest engagements to become value-added business advisors.