What is your Next Level?

Getting to the next level of your career and understanding the professional development needed to succeed is a challenge at any stage as a professional. We are here to help.


Our three, 20-minute lightening talks with respected Instructors will give you an in-depth preview, frameworks and insights of their courses. You will gain insight and immediately actionable tips to help take your career to the next level.


  • Understand how to lead in our new reality
  • Consider your career goals and the skills you need to achieve them
  • Insight on change leadership and how to take your career next level
  • Network with other CPAs to learn more about their career goals


Attend one of the ten sessions, running concurrently.

EC = early career | MC = mid-career | LC = late career

1. (EC/MC) TITLE: The Future of Your Career is in Soft Skills

DESCRIPTION: The future of work is heavy on proactive soft skills: critical thinking, time management, change management, influence, empathy & more.

SESSION HOST: Steve Prentice, Partner, The Bristall Group and Organizational Psychology Expert

2. (EC/MC/LC) TITLE: Speak with Charisma -- Virtually!

DESCRIPTION - Join Bonnie Gross, President of SpeechScience, to learn the secrets of dynamic, confident communication in our New Virtual Reality.

SESSION HOST: Bonnie Gross, President of SpeechScience

3. (EC/MC/LC) TITLE: Getting the Most from Your Technology

DESCRIPTION: Learn to Improve the way you work and collaborate in your organization at upcoming CPD with K2E Canada Inc.

SESSION HOST: Ward Blatch, CPA, CA, Managing Director, K2E Canada Inc.

4. (EC/MC/LC) Title: Planning and Budgeting - An Integrated Approach

DESCRIPTION: Michel Piché reviews best practices for an effective planning and budgeting cycle and alternative budgeting and forecasting approaches.

SESSION HOST: Michel A. Piché, CPA, Vice President Finance and Administration, Carleton University

5. (MC/LC) TITLE: Maximize Your Brain Power

DESCRIPTION: Join Eileen Pease, M.Ed, CSP, to learn about enhancing your brain power at work and getting more value from your intelligence and experience.

SESSION HOST: Eileen Pease, President of Dynamic Learning Inc.

6. (MC/LC) TITLE: Risk Management

DESCRIPTION: Join Bill Wesioly, CPA and Risk Management consultant to learn about courses that provide frameworks and tools to best manage risk.

SESSION HOST: Bill Wesioly, CPA and Risk Management consultant

7. (MC/LC) TITLE: Street Smarts for CPAs

DESCRIPTION: Join Stephen Priddle, CPA, CA, CMA to hear about his engaging non-technical courses which are simply veteran work tips for CPAs.

SESSION HOST: Stephen Priddle, President and Founder, Practical PD Seminars for Accountants

8. (MC/LC) TITLE: Conversational Intelligence – The Ultimate Soft Skill

DESCRIPTION: Join Bill Richardson, Leadership Coach Consultant and Trainer to learn more about how Conversational Intelligence has shaped the world of soft skill development.

SESSION HOST: Bill Richardson, President, Richardson Consultants Inc.

9. (MC/LC) TITLE: Certification in Excel Analytics, Dashboards & Visualization

DESCRIPTION: Best practice Excel models (international i3BAR method) - rapid reporting, interactive, sustainable with actionable information and insights.

SESSION HOST: Simon Lindley, CA, International Trainer, Speaker, Consultant

10. (EC/MC/LC) TITLE: PD Digital—Learning Showcase

DESCRIPTION: Meet Anne-Marie Taylor from the CPAO PD team to learn about our newest and most popular courses, and strategic learning partnerships.

SESSION HOST: Anne-Marie Taylor, Learning Product Acquisitions Manager, CPA Ontario


The fall catalogue preview and networking segment will explore the competencies and evolving skillsets you will need to take your career next level.

We know you find value in community and mentorship, which is why this event includes a round-robin Q&A session. Connect with fellow CPAs, as you would in person, using Hopin’s virtual networking features. We also invite you to meet the Instructors by visiting one of the virtual booths. Click here to get a sneak peak at the Hopin experience.

  • Understand the value of your existing network
  • Peer networking opportunity
  • Meet the Instructors who are teaching courses from CPA Ontario’s virtual PD fall catalogue
  • Learn from others who have chosen unique career paths
  • Benefits of a lateral career move

Bring your questions for the interactive Q&A Expo Booths.

  • EARLY PROFESSIONAL - Michaud Garneau
  • CAREER ADVANCEMENT - Karine Benzacar
  • SENIOR EXECUTIVE - Gene Deszca
  • FEEDBACK BOOTH - Nathan Monk
  • CPAO PD LEARNING HQ - Kim Brown, David Cruz


CPAs early in their career journey to senior CPAs preparing for retirement.