Arguably the one skill today’s leaders must possess is the ability to get other people to agree with them. Most assuredly in any undertaking of significance, whether personal or business related, knowing how to get others to accept your point of view while seeing themselves as winners is crucial to your success, if not the prosperity of your organization. Indeed, one can’t ever expect to ascend the corporate ladder without a sound grasp of fundamental negotiating principles and nuances or without the knowledge and skills to emulate those who consistently do it well.

This comprehensive program on the art and process of successful negotiating is the creation of Dr. Jim Murray who has been researching, teaching and practicing this time-honored craft over the course of almost five decades. Tens of thousands of people from all walks of life and professional callings have benefited from his unique, street-savvy insights, acclaimed expertise and direct, hands-on experiences in virtually every conceivable negotiating arena.

Dr. Murray’s accomplishments at the bargaining table run the gamut from commercial transactions and collective bargaining to corporate acquisitions and international diplomacy, from training hostage negotiators and professional mediators to mentoring corporate CEOs, counselling big-league sports organizations and advising parents on the subtle art of dealing with troublesome teens. He has authored three best-selling books on negotiating, conflict resolution and influencing difficult people and has been nationally honoured for his effectiveness in the classroom.

Now he has created an intensive, universally practical and highly interactive residential learning experience for those who are dead serious about wanting to develop their skills beyond mere competence. Realizing that your personal, professional and organizational potential depend on this critical skill, the primary objective of The Optimal Negotiator is to show you the way towards mastery.

This program is offered but once a year and has a limited enrollment (and it sells out early) – don’t miss your opportunity.

Who should attend:

Negotiating is a delicate mix of art and science, of style and substance. It prizes intuition as highly as intellect, common sense as much as the hard numbers. It requires emotional detachment, an understanding of the critical importance of process and a high aspiration level. It can be a game of power, real as well as imagined. While some people know how to play the game masterfully, others only dimly understand it.

How would you assess your capabilities as a negotiator? Especially, as Dr. Murray advises, “it is the one skill that can immeasurably enhance the quality and meaning of your life as well as the lives of those significant people on whom you depend for your happiness.” Many understand the process intellectually but precious few are entirely comfortable in its execution or in their ability to consistently “optimize” deals.

If you seek a higher comfort and confidence level in your ability to get others to agree with your position, whatever that might be, or if you aspire to mastery, then this residential learning experience was designed with YOU in mind.


The program commences on Monday evening at 5:30 p.m. sharp and concludes on Thursday at 3:00 p.m. Evening activities include a major team negotiating assignment, preparation for simulations and opportunities for networking and attitude adjustment. Daily sessions run from 8:30 a.m. until almost 6:00 p.m. The format is practical and highly interactive. Emphasis is placed on participation and “learning by doing.” Six simulations operationalize the theories presented. Attention is given to personal coaching and feedback where the attendee is receptive. Participants are encouraged to share their negotiating issues and challenges in confidence. Attendees are expected to complete a number of tasks contained in a Pre-Course Workbook prior to their arrival. Several spot quizzes based on Jim’s unique insights occur throughout the program to stimulate conversation around critical negotiating principles. The instructor is receptive to and encouraging of attendees adding their own topics or questions of interest to the program outline below. Additional subjects are covered in supplemental notes and program resource materials..

Topics for the program include:

  • The Conceptual Framework for Consistently Achieving Win-Win Outcomes
  • Tactic Recognition and Response
  • Behavioural Patterns and Cross-cultural Differences in Negotiating Styles
  • The Negotiating Process Simplified and Explained
  • Principles of Time and Timing
  • Power: Accumulating and Sustaining Negotiating Leverage
  • The People Puzzle: Using Human Behaviour to Advantage
  • Essential (and Powerful) Communication Skills
  • Becoming an inventive Negotiator
  • Working and Negotiating in Teams
  • Optimal Negotiator Fundamentals and Attributes

There is limited availability for Day Packages. If you are interested in that option, please visit our website and contact us for details.

For a complete program description, including the detailed and revised 2017 curriculum as well as peer testimonials, please visit the program website.