One of the most important skills today’s leaders must possess is the ability to get other people to agree with them. In any undertaking of significance, whether personal or business-related, knowing how to get others to accept your point of view while seeing themselves as winners is crucial to your success and the prosperity of your organization. This comprehensive program on the art and process of successful negotiating has been created by Dr. Jim Murray who has been researching, teaching and practicing this craft over the course of five decades. Jim’s accomplishments at the bargaining table run the gamut from commercial transactions and collective bargaining to corporate acquisitions and international diplomacy. Jim has taught hostage negotiators and professional mediators, he has mentored corporate CEOs, counselled big-league sports organizations and advised parents on the subtle art of dealing with troublesome teens. This fast-paced, intensive, universally practical, and highly interactive learning experience is designed for those who are serious about wanting to develop their skills beyond mere competence to master the art of negotiation.

What You Will Learn

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Project a more powerful, credible and controlled presence at the bargaining table
  • Engage others in co-operative problem solving aimed at mutual benefit
  • Recognize and appropriately respond to the tactics and ploys used by others
  • Enhance communication skills in cross-cultural encounters
  • Improve negotiation skills to better influence decisions

What Topics Are Covered

  • The conceptual framework for consistently achieving win-win outcomes
  • Tactic recognition and response: Getting people to see it your way
  • Behavioural patterns and cross-cultural differences in negotiating styles
  • The process simplified and explained: Stages, key ingredients and rituals
  • Principles of timing, handling the 11th hour, when and how to say “no”
  • Power: Accumulating, enhancing and sustaining personal leverage
  • The people puzzle: Using human behaviour to create advantage
  • Essential communication skills and deciphering hidden meanings
  • How successful interrogators work: Negotiating with liars and con artists
  • Becoming an inventive negotiator: How to make seemingly impossible deals
  • Negotiating in teams: Optimizing strengths and assessing performance
  • Optimal Negotiator fundamentals and attributes: Where to from here?

Who Will Benefit

Decision-makers at various levels of an organization. Those seeking greater comfort and confidence in their ability to get others to agree with their positions.