In this four-part audio learning series, host Craig Major, The Startup Coach, is joined by CPAs with true entrepreneurial spirits who discuss their business journeys, and offer advice for anyone dreaming about starting their own business.


Entrepreneurship can be a thrilling career path, but do you have what it takes? In this audio learning series, you will hear conversations with CPAs who have taken the leap and are willing to share their stories. Join The Startup Coach as he uncovers the risks and rewards of entrepreneurship with four very different CPAs: Jas Purewal, who started his own consulting firm; Jay Goodis, founder of Tax Templates; Adam Singer, founder of Sinter Steinberg Insurance, and John and Sherry Thompson, the husband and wife team of Catapult Brewing.

This series is a CPA Ontario PD Digital original production.

Key Takeaways:

By listening, you will gain:

  • inspiration to start your own business
  • valuable advice from people who learned things the hard way
  • insight into what it takes to run a startup
  • tips on how to build a financially sustainable enterprise
  • guidance on how to grow your network
  • encouragement to forge your own path
  • ideas for resources you may not have thought of

Who Will Benefit:

Any CPA who has thought about starting their own business.