These videos were recorded at CPA Ontario’s Practitioner and Tax conference on October 10th-11th, 2018.


  • U.S. Corporate Tax – Tax and Planning Update
  • U.S. Personal Tax – Tax and Planning Update
  • Changes to Small Business Deduction and Taxation on Passive Investment Income
  • Selected Tax Compliance Issues on Death
  • Compensation Strategies for the Owner-Manager
  • GST/HST - Commonly Overlooked Issues

U.S. Corporate Tax - Tax and Planning Update

Do business with our neighbours to the south? There’s no doubt that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) will affect your future tax planning strategies. But the question is: how? Join Justin Hoffman for the inside scoop on how things have changed and what doing business in the U.S. looks like now. This is a great opportunity to learn more about operating your business through a branch versus a subsidiary, what to do when State filing obligations arise, and what filings are required for U.S. businesses.U.S. Personal Tax - Tax and Planning Update

Is your client base comprised of U.S. citizens living in Canada? If your answer is yes, you’re likely wondering how changes caused by the Tax Cuts and Job Act (TCJA) will impact their tax planning strategy in future. Join Justin Hoffman as he examines the recent changes and discusses the unique filing requirements for a dual citizen. This session will provide you with a foundation in U.S. personal tax — keeping in mind recent changes — and will give you insight into tax planning strategies for future years.

Changes to Small Business Deduction and Taxation on Passive Investment Income

Review impact to small business deduction eligibility as a result of budget 2016 and introduction of Specified Corporate Income and Designated Members for Partnerships and impact on small business deduction and dividend rules resulting from changes to the taxation on Passive Investments from Budget 2018.

Selected Tax Compliance Issues on Death

Filing a tax return after the death of a spouse calls for big decisions during a difficult time. Of the four types of terminal income tax returns, how many should you file? Will you opt to pay the full amount owing immediately or over a 10-year period? In this session, Lionel Newton will answer these questions, plus touch on special rules related to estate distributions to non-residents, graduated rate estate, the concept of vesting indefeasibly and more. This is a good opportunity to plan for a life event none of us is ever truly prepared for.

Compensation Strategies for the Owner-Manager

When it comes to employee remuneration at privately owned companies, sometimes less (traditional) is more. Join Kody Wilson as he discusses basic compensation strategies, non-traditional ideas, what makes sense and when. He’ll also go over the implications of each option, touch on the CRA’s position on these and other methods, and discuss the recent sweeping changes to tax planning. This is your chance to gain a better understanding of the impact these changes will have on your strategy moving forward.

GST/HST - Commonly Overlooked Issues

Like it or not, there are a number of myths and misconceptions surrounding GST and HST. This session will cover everything you need to know about commonly overlooked issues when it comes to our favourite thing: taxes. Join Grace Caputo as she goes over key GST/HST concepts, unravels those myths, and discusses the consequences of the more common exposures that can arise. This is your opportunity to learn about misconceptions that can result in reorganizations, sales of assets, intercompany transfers and more.