Attendees need to be at the top of their game – perhaps for an important board presentation or pitching a potential new client or completing a critical assignment. They want to be at their best and operate at the absolute pinnacle of their abilities. In this seminar, attendees learn the tactics to achieve their peak performance for these critical moments and events.

The experiences of athletes and their training techniques to achieve peak performance offer intriguing possibilities. Sports psychologists are important contributors to an athlete’s training and the intellectual, psychological and emotional preparation is central to an athlete’s success. These very same techniques are being applied more and more for business professionals to achieve their own successes. Many top business executives have embraced these 21st century power tools and credited them for their own achievements. This seminar will teach attendees these techniques so that they can give their ultimate performances when needed.


  • The art and science of goal achievement
  • Applying the power of visualization
  • Developing focus and clarity of the mind
  • How to effectively use emotions to power goal realization
  • Bringing creativity to problem solving
  • Creating self-confidence and harnessing the will to succeed


This seminar is designed to help you achieve peak performance for those critical moments in your career.