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NOTE: To get the full experience of this live, interactive course we recommend you join five minutes prior to the scheduled starting time, and use a computer that has video and microphone capabilities.

Are you prepared for an online job interview?

Job interviews can be stressful, and today virtual interviews are the norm. This CPA Ontario course focuses on teaching you to speak, act, converse, and deliver your best answers, virtually. Learn how to not only be yourself – be your best self – on camera. Learn techniques to answer tough interview questions with the right language, messaging and tone. Review best virtual practices for body language and facial expression to look your best on camera and use technology to your advantage.

Bring questions for the Q&A portion of the course and learn how to minimize stress and make the most of your technology.


  • Speak with clarity and confidence
  • Answer questions effectively without memorizing answers
  • Eliminate negative speech habits such as “um”, “uptone” and mumbling
  • Improve your pacing
  • Use vocal tone to deliver a persuasive message


Anyone who is preparing for an online job interview and seeking guidance on how to make a meaningful first impression, virtually.