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The Ministry of Labour has significantly increased its efforts to monitor employer compliance with obligations under the Employment Standards Act and Occupational Health and Safety Act. A visit from a Ministry official can be in the form of an audit, inspection, and/or investigation. Sometimes an employer receives advance notice of these visits, but occasionally the only notice is a knock on the door. A Ministry audit or inspection can necessitate considerable preparation, and result in substantial liability if a violation is found. The most effective way to protect your organization or clients is to understand an employer’s rights and obligations – and most importantly, be prepared.


  • The Ministry of Labour's authority to audit, inspect and investigate under the Employment Standards Act and Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • Which types of employers are likely to be targeted?
  • How to prepare for an audit or inspection
  • What to do when the Ministry is at your door
  • The difference between an audit, inspection and investigation
  • How to protect your organization during and after an audit, inspection or investigation


This seminar is designed for financial professionals of all levels whether in-house or in private practice.