The stock market crash of 2008 has proven one thing: traditional retirement planning advice is way too risky. Trusting the stock market is like gambling with a family’s future. But how does one plan for retirement without the possibility of losing up to 50 per cent of your investment value within a matter of months?

The simple truth is that it is possible to retire financially well using guaranteed, safe fixed-income products like GICs that can never decline in value combined with government defined benefit pension plans including CPP and OAS. This course will detail the non-traditional view to money management that many investment advisors don’t want to talk about.


  • Stock market versus GIC returns. We’ll look at historical Canadian S&P TSX Composite Total Return Index returns over the last 50 years, as well as the US S&P 500 TR Index returns for the last 30 years versus plain old safe GICs. Find out who wins and by how much. You’ll also get a calculator to compare money-weighted rates of returns for the TSX Composite Index versus GICs going back up to 60 years.
  • The laddered GIC Strategy. Explore how to use a strategy of rolling over shorter term GICs to five-year GICs to maximize your retirement savings with zero risk since it’s all covered by CDIC insurance.
  • Can anything beat an RRSP? Compare equity investing inside RRSPs vs outside in a regular investment account, TFSAs, rental properties, paying off debt and retaining earnings in a corporation.
  • NEW: Guide to investing. Learn about the main investing options: mutual funds, a full-service broker, a discount broker (with or without a fee-only financial planner) and robo-advisors. You’ll get a new free spreadsheet that will calculate how much you’ll pay in fees under each of the options depending on how much and how long you invest. You’ll also see a demonstration of a robo-advisor and a discount broker account.
  • The “Tax Turbo-Charged RRSP” strategy. Work through a spreadsheet to compare the traditional advice to invest in RRSPs early, to waiting until later in life, when all debt is gone. It may be possible to beat the old way by starting late and using 100% safe GICs using all that unused RRSP room that has built up over the years.
  • Deposit insurance. Find out about who insures your investments and what the limits are. Covers CIDC, CIPF, MFDA Investor Protection Fund, Assuris and Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporations.

    Those interested in helping their friends, family and clients to retire well without having to take risks.