This proven, one-of-a-kind program is designed for both current and aspiring leaders as well as for those who simply want to excel with confidence and conviction in the upper echelons of executive responsibility. The curriculum is redesigned each year to ensure it reflects the realities of leading in a VUCA world (an environment of non-stop volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity).

Leaders today must know how to handle the fluid, uncertain forces that impact their business. These include changing stakeholder expectations, newly emerging priorities, ever-daunting risks, counterintuitive imperatives and events that appear largely beyond their control. Most organizations are not built to innovate in a transformative era characterized by decaying business models, transient competitive advantages, bad strategies and an unquestioning reliance on archaic management methods. This new world order demands a different kind of leader – one who is mindful and focussed on initiating strategic conversations that question rather than reinforce the status quo.

The title of CEO is now a misnomer – leaders no longer execute, they decide and then let others execute. Smart leaders have a different and vastly more effective way of dealing with today’s vexing paradoxes and the exponential frequency of change. They know how to confront and unlock the immense, though often unforeseen, opportunities that arise from turbulent, incessant and increasingly unexplainable forces impacting their business. They understand that hesitation and inaction only enlarge and worsen their challenges. They realize yesterday’s solutions are not just insufficient, they are counter-productive. They “go to school” when others seek refuge in old-school counsel. They have the skills, insights and confidence to seize the white spaces of opportunity and growth. They are much in demand and they know it.

Acquiring the edge and leading with purpose requires, among other essential ingredients, the ability to develop and apply one’s strategic intelligence and foresight, to prick the bubble of ignorance and anticipate career derailers before they arrive, to select talent and build a strong, cohesive executive team, to relate well with key stakeholders, to deal with unexpected crises and high-impact surprises, to devise strategies that both inform and inspire, to foster a culture of resilience and to create smart business and management models that can compete for the future.

Beyond these skills, the responsibility of leadership demands that you deal effectively with ethical dilemmas and avoid the ever-present allure of the slippery slope, know how to nurture and lead people who are brighter than you, design and build healthy organizations, decide when “the game” must be retooled, overcome self-doubts and find those enlightening, if not life-altering, answers to the quintessential questions that will determine your leadership identity and thus your destiny.

Do you possess the requisite emotional and mental competencies, interpersonal skills, street-smart insights, decision-making competencies and the executive presence to lead? Regardless of your ultimate pedestal or station in business, do you know what it really takes? And, if you do, can you articulate your inner moral compass that enables you to do it with purpose when push comes to shove? If so, the opportunities abound – organizations replace their CEOs every four years on average and over 40% (the unprepared) flame out within their first 18 months.

This practical, intensive, provocative, highly interactive, advanced program is the creation of Dr. Jim Murray who has successfully led large and small organizations in both the public and private sectors. He has a remarkable track record of helping senior executives and over 600 organizations achieve their often underappreciated potential. His life’s quest over almost five decades of exemplary practice is to liberate genius and change lives.

Before you decide if this potentially life-defining learning experience is for you, take a moment to read the testimonials of prior participants that follow below. Then determine whether it can deliver what you may be seeking.

This program is offered but once a year and has a limited enrollment (and it sells out early) – don’t miss your opportunity.

For a complete program description, including the detailed and revised 2017 curriculum as well as peer testimonials, please visit the program website.