In this four-part video series, change leader Olivia Chow discusses strategies that leaders and their teams can use to cope with change and plan for long-term sustainability.


Learn how to navigate the unexpected and connect with others during times of change.

In conversation with host Tania Liu, Olivia talks about how to transform the resources you have into the change you want. Learn ways to strategize, plan, take action, and evaluate your work. Discover where you can implement change practices into current projects and facilitate meaningful growth within your team and organization.

This series of four, 20-minute videos is a CPA Ontario PD Digital original production.


By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • connect with co-workers by finding common ground
  • set a collective goal with your team
  • strategize and plan how to meet your goal
  • embrace challenges of a diverse team and learn from each other
  • identify your core values and incorporate them into your change strategy
  • understand the value of encouragement and motivation
  • list the three elements of smart action
  • work through problem-solving as a team
  • enable your team to thrive through effective coaching
  • understand why establishing clearly defined roles for all team members is critical

Watch the video trailer on Vimeo.


Leaders, managers, and teams looking for ways to manage their business during a period of change or growth.