Most accountants encounter unreasonable people in their lives. One may be “stuck” with a difficult individual at work or in the community. It’s easy to let an exasperating person ruin a good day.

Managers work between the pressure of senior executives and the demands of their own staff members. An employee with a chronic negative attitude can upset the morale of everybody. A difficult client can be hard to handle.

Of course, we can all be difficult people ourselves in certain situations. It is important to focus on the difficult behaviour and the situation in which that behaviour is occurring. After this course you will see difficult people as an interesting challenge and an opportunity to strengthen your interpersonal skills.


  • Shift from being reactive to proactive with a difficult person
  • Listen fully to understand from the speakers’ point of view while staying in control
  • Ask the questions which will uncover possible solutions
  • Identify shared interests and differing interests
  • Problem solve using time tested strategies
  • Recognize the difficult behaviour as a learning opportunity to further develop your skills


Anyone who would like to deal more productively with a difficult person. Anyone interacting with a variety of people in different situations who wants to further enhance their interpersonal effectiveness.