Managers who can foster high levels of performance within their organization will have a better chance of success in today’s highly competitive business landscape. This five-part course outlines techniques managers can use keep top performers motivated and fulfilled and develop their skills and knowledge to maintain a competitive edge. This path introduces the concept of talent management at the manager level and details how managers can effectively meet the needs of experts in their talent pool. The course also addresses information and tips on how to develop a good mentoring program.


  • 1. Gauging Your Organization's High-performing Potential • assess your potential for high performance through the lens of five factors of a high-performance environment: mission statement and strategy, performance measurement strategies, customer orientation, leadership, and culture
  • 2. Managing for Cross-functionality • develop techniques to support a cross-functional strategy throughout your organization
  • 3. Managing Your Company's Talent • discover how to create a strategy that develops talent in your company • implement a talent management strategy to retain top talent in the long-term
  • 4. Managing the Unique Needs of Experts • explore the characteristics of the experts on your staff • outline what they want from you, their manager • learn techniques and strategies to help you meet their needs
  • 5. Fostering Mentoring Relationships • examine the benefits of mentoring programs for employees, mentors, and the organization as a whole • explore the differences between mentoring and coaching relationships


Managers and leaders who want to develop or refine their management skills.