Learn from startup community experts and position your business for success. .

Now that you’ve created your business plan and developed your business, it’s time to take things to the next level. Learn the best ways to pitch your product to media outlets and how to approach investors with your idea. Gain valuable knowledge about running your own business such as shareholders’ responsibilities and valuation models.


This video suite includes:

  • Landing Your First Media Mention with Candace Huntly (Duration: 27 minutes)
  • Startup Valuations with Alex Morsink (Duration: 23 minutes)
  • Pitching Techniques with Will Greenblatt (Duration: 34 minutes)
  • Founders Agreements with Alex Koch (Duration: 27 minutes).

Key Takeaways:

By watching these videos, you will gain:

  • PR advice on how to create effective communication strategies
  • insight into the art and science of startup valuations
  • practical techniques to conquer a verbal investor pitch
  • answers to common questions about founders agreements and the legal side of startups.

This video series is a CPA Ontario PD Digital original production brought to you through a collaboration with TorontoStarts.

Who Will Benefit:

Entrepreneurs and startups looking for advice on how to run their business, or investors looking to get informed on what goes into running a startup.