These videos were recorded at CPA Ontario’s Practitioner and Tax conference on October 10th-11th, 2018.


  • The Economic & Financial Outlook
  • Recent Developments in Income Splitting Rules
  • What is on the Tax Horizon?
  • Continually Changing Public Accounting Environment

The Economic & Financial Outlook

The Canadian housing market is slowing down. There’s uncertainty around NAFTA. And with recent U.S. reforms, Canadian tax competitiveness has deteriorated. Sure, our economy has performed well over the last year, but with the number of uncertainties we’re facing, the future is unclear. Keynote speaker, Derek Burleton, will explore the most likely scenario for Canada’s economy, the implications for our financial markets, and important indicators to watch out for in the coming months.

Recent Developments in Income Splitting Rules

Wondering about the recent developments on income splitting rules? What about passive income rules or inbound Canadian taxation? Wonder no more! In this session, Manu Kakkar will discuss recent CRA administrative positions on various aspects of these rules, and will go over new definitions of terms like “split income” and “excluded amount.” Join Manu to gain a better understanding of how these changes might affect your corporation’s structures and what this means for tax compliance issues.

What is on the Tax Horizon?

Private corporation tax proposals represent a low point for our industry. Agree or disagree? Join Kim Moody as he shares lessons learned and discusses why these proposals are a perfect example of how not to implement Canadian tax policy changes. He’ll also ask a number of important questions: Does Canada need new tax policy for private corporations? And if so, what can we expect in the near future? If you aren’t sure if your corporation is ready for the changes to come, this session is for you.

Continually Changing Public Accounting Environment

When it comes to the world of public accounting, are you starting to feel like the only constant is change? Then this session is for you! Join Nigel Jacobs as he explores the changing environment — from current industry trends to challenges impacting public accounting firms and practitioners. Also up for discussion is the importance of risk management processes, finding and retaining staff, succession governance and more. Walk away from this session with a better understanding of which best practices to adopt and how to implement them.