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This seminar is an overview of the accounting and auditing issues specific to Ontario condominium corporations. There is extensive detail included with respect to the accounting and auditing sections of the current Condominium Act of Ontario as well as references to practical examples of accounting and auditing condominium issues that are relevant to practitioners today. New this year is an outline of the proposed changes in the recently released draft of the revised Condominium Act by the Government of Ontario. The discussion will also include references and review of the publication Accounting and Audit Guidelines for Ontario Condominium Corporations issued by CPA Ontario.


  • Condominium Act of Ontario
  • Publication Accounting and Audit Guidelines for Ontario Condominium Corporations
  • Canadian accounting and auditing standards for not-for-profit organizations
  • Tax issues for condominiums
  • Hot topics in Ontario condominiums today
  • Fraud in condominiums


Practitioners who act for condominium corporations, those who sit on a board of directors, and those who work in the management or accounting side of the industry.