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We cannot succeed in business, or life, without the cooperation of others. Yet, the people we must deal with can be difficult. Whether they are clients, teammates, government officials, new prospects, or even friends and family members, they may put up barriers that stymie progress. How do we win over an uncooperative person? How do we soothe resentment, end arguments, eliminate manipulation, and pave the way for mutual success?

In this interactive seminar, attendees will learn winning tactics, hold group discussions, and practice role playing. Besides being enlightening and fun, this seminar will provide participants with tools to make their business and personal life easier, as well as more successful and enjoyable.


  • End manipulation
  • Defuse arguments
  • End complaints quickly
  • Motivate instead of browbeat
  • Win the cooperation of others
  • Remain calm in irritating circumstances


This workshop is designed to help those who are part of a team, or work with clients, by providing them with the tools to build smooth and stable relationships.