This course will help you unlock your creative potential at work. It is designed to help you lose your inhibitions and overcome obstacles to creativity, including bad habits and limiting beliefs. Perhaps you are overly rational in your approach? Or you have a tendency to favor reliable outcomes and proven methods? Do you find it hard to spark creativity in a group? If any of this sounds familiar, this is the training course for you! We have selected various practices from outside the working world that will help you unlock your creative potential. This course is based on concepts developed by Francis Cholle, an international business consultant and best-selling author of The Intuitive Compass.


By the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Apply techniques to look at problems creatively
  • Explain how to reframe problems with creative questioning
  • Illustrate the difference between vision and reinvention
  • Practice and apply brainstorming techniques to their problems
  • Construct environments for enhancing practical group creativity


Anyone who wishes to improve their or their team’s ability to think creatively through problems in business or life.


This e-Learning course is broken into several modules that learners can complete in a time convenient for them. Learners are encouraged to break the course up into manageable chunks according to their schedules. Modules include an assortment of engaging short videos, interactive sessions, reflective questions and takeaway worksheets.