Formerly Titled: “ASPE – A Survey of Standards”

This two-day seminar is designed to review ASPE from cover to cover encompassing all the Handbook sections and guidelines and is aimed at individuals seeking a complete review of ASPE together with limited not-for-profit impacts. The seminar will provide information about all of the standards that make up Part II of the Handbook with illustrative examples and exercises in certain measurement, recognition and disclosure areas. In addition, the seminar will identify and outline the accounting policy choices available to management in applying ASPE.

Examples and exercises will cover some of the newer or more common concepts of accounting used by private enterprises or areas where practice review has identified struggles or challenges. Some supplemental information to address ASPE application for not-for-profit organizations will be included at a high level.


By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Better understanding of the ASPE Standards, in particular areas that are since commonly in practice
  • Become familiar with recent updates to the Standards
  • Application of the Standards through selective examples and financial statement presentation and disclosure examples


  • Accounting standards framework and general standards
  • Financial instruments
  • Tangible assets
  • Long-term assets
  • Non-financial liabilities
  • Shareholder equity
  • Revenue and other expenses
  • Other disclosures and other matters
  • Sample financial statements
  • Numerous note examples
  • Transition guidance as an appendix


Those seeking a robust and complete review of ASPE including individuals who have been detached from Canadian standards in recent years may find this seminar beneficial to regain a technical accounting base of standards to be used by private enterprises. Individuals involved in the not-for-profit sector may also find this seminar useful because of the ASPE measurement, recognition, presentation and disclosure requirements applicable to not-for-profit accounting and reporting.