In this four-part video series, join Pavel Abdur-Rahman, IBM’s Head of Data Analytics, in conversation with tech journalist and entrepreneur Takara Small as they discuss data trends in the tech economy.


Gain an overview of how big data is affecting the future of work in Industry 4.0 and ways CPAs can become future-ready. In this video series, Pavel and Takara discuss the scope of automated decision-making, big data governance and the increasing need for meaningful data analysis. They cover topics such as data monetization, ethical AI and ways to use data to drive business value. This series of four, 20 to 30-minute videos is a CPA Ontario PD Digital original production.

Key Takeaways:

  • the logistics of scaling data and analytics across the enterprise
  • the two main paths to data monetization
  • the value of creativity in job creation in a data-driven economy
  • the impact of AI on social and asocial work
  • ethical data collection
  • areas of potential upskilling as predictable tasks become increasingly automated
  • the importance of storytelling when conveying business concepts
  • identifying the gaps within data analytics

Who Will Benefit:

Anyone looking for an overview of the impact of big data on the job market, the economy and the future of work.