Formerly Titled: “Assurance Standards – Update 2018: Auditors”

With increasing specialization in our profession some practitioners deal exclusively with audits and others do not perform any audit engagements. To address this specialization, this seminar will focus on Just Audits.

This seminar is designed to review recent revisions to the CPA Canada Handbook– Assurance and other practice matters in the last year. The focus is on new and revised assurance standards issued, and provides an overview of projects in progress and other issues and developments of interest to practitioners, including issues identified by practice advisory and/or practice inspection.

This modular approach to the Assurance Update 2019 course allows participants to pick and choose their topics of interest and attend sessions that reflect their practice, but also allows them to be aware of all of the changes in assurance by attending both sessions.

Assurance Update 2019 - Just Audits will address recent revisions to Canadian audit standards including auditing accounting estimates and the applicability of communicating key audit matters in the audit report, upcoming changes to the assessment of risks of material misstatement and quality control and other developments of interest to auditors.


By the end of Just Audits, participants will:

  • Be able to apply the revisions to auditing accounting estimates;
  • Be aware of the pending changes to audits and understand how the changes may impact audits; and
  • Be aware of and locate tools to assist with audits.


  • Introduction and overview of revised standards issued applicable to audits
  • Specific coverage of auditing accounting estimates
  • Exposure drafts and other projects in process for audit
  • Practice matters, including practice inspection findings and practice advisory comments for auditors
  • Awareness of tools available to assist auditors


Practitioners providing public accounting, and audit assurance services, serving small and medium-sized entities.