Every few years a new innovation comes through the technology world and it has the potential to completely change the way that people interact and relate with technology. These seismic shifts influence companies and cause them to reconsider how they design and deliver a lot of their traditional activities: marketing, customer service, purchasing, internal reporting, etc.

PC Era, pervasive and high speed internet, smart phone and mobile computing are just a few examples of these breakthrough revolutions. Big Data and Social Media are potentially poised to be one of the next “big things” which shakes up business. Large companies and tech focused firms have already jumped on the bandwagon. According to Gartner research 6 Million jobs will be created in the U.S. by the big data driven economy in the next 4 years. But what about those of us who are not at google? What do they do to tap into the big-data tidal wave?

Unfortunately, Big Data and Social Media analysis are not obvious things to understand and grasp. Your CIO can’t run down to Best Buy and order one, the ROI and benefits of them are not entirely intuitive, and to complicate matters even the definitions of them are not consistent from everyone. What is it, a product, a service, a technology, a methodology, an algorithm?

In the presentation we will provide a business-focused ‘primer’ on big-data and Social Media Analysis so that you can evaluate your own initiatives as they apply to your industry.


  • What are Social Media Analytics and Big Data? Aren’t they the same thing, how are they different?
  • What are some different use cases for them?
  • How do these things fit into my strategy, do I need to modify my strategy?
  • What is Hadoop? How is it different than the tools I already have?
  • How mature are these tools? How much is just hype?
    • The Open Source Conundrum
  • Do I need different people to do this work?
  • What are some of the myths about big data?
  • What are the challenges I am going to face?
  • Calculating ROI on big data initiatives
  • The role of visualizations with big data
  • The importance of quality data
    • The role of governance
  • Cloud, virtualization, physical installs


This seminar will be targeted to the Finance related professional who may be exposed to a Big Data program and would like to understand the core concepts.