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  • Please note that legislative changes were made to the Employment Standards Act, subsequent to the recording of this seminar in June 2, 2016. The information contained in this presentation pertaining to Public Holidays and Leaves of Absence – specifically Pregnancy, Parental and Personal Emergency Leaves – may not reflect the most recent legislation.

This seminar highlights a broad range of human resources issues and pitfalls, and provides participants with a high-level overview of provincial legislation and current issues as it pertains to the employee-employer relationship in Ontario.

The content takes you through the employee lifecycle, beginning with recruiting and hiring, through to termination. Along the way, the instructor will provide you with practical guidance on best practices based on his experience in the HR and finance function areas in small- to medium-sized companies. The information in this seminar is not intended to replace the need for competent legal advisors but rather to help you to identify HR issues and provide some guidance that might allow you as a financial or accounting executive to help steer your organization away from trouble.


  • Key interview techniques
  • The employment cycle: recruiting, hiring and termination
  • How to develop an employee handbook and HR best practices for an organization
  • Leaves, hours of work, sickness and absenteeism
  • Workplace computer and technology issues
  • An overview of the Employment Standards Act (ESA)


Financial and accounting professionals who have a dual finance and HR responsibility but might not have a true HR department in their organization, and have limited or no formal HR training or experience.