This on demand, CPA Ontario eLearning bundle features two courses that focus on the impact that technologies such as robo-advisors and artificial intelligence (AI) have on the finance industry.

1. Introduction to Robo-Advisors (2 hours)

Should you trust an algorithm with your investments? Automated robo-advisors—online investment advisory service based on algorithms—have forced traditional wealth management and personal finance management (PFM) advice firms to evolve and provide automated, low cost investment options. An offering that once occupied the space between self-directed investors and financial advisors’ advice has evolved into an option that caters to the B2B market, as well as retirement and educational planning.

2. AI in Fintech and Banking (2 hours 40 minutes)

Finance is about making decisions based on data. The higher quality your data, the better your decisions will be. Examine the future trends of machine learning (ML) and AI, and the impact these technologies will have on job displacement and new career options. From deposits and lending to investment management, learn how financial services and fintech startups are increasingly using ML and AI, along with vast amounts of data to improve business economics and create competitive advantage.


  • Understand the impact robo-advisors have on personal finance management
  • Identify the key players and regulation involved in automated investment platforms
  • Building blocks and stakeholders needed to offer an effective robo-advisor product
  • Basic concepts related to data science, machine learning and AI
  • The history of machine learning and AI in financial services and fintech
  • Several B2B and B2C machine learning and AI financial services use cases


Fintech entrepreneurs and finance professionals who want to learn more about automated investment advice, and anyone interested in the application of AI and machine learning in the financial services industry.