Many people get thrust into leadership positions simply because they are “the best” at what they do. This learning suite features five, 2-hour courses that will set up leaders for success. Led by Dr. Alan Patterson, the series offers practical tools and techniques for leaders at any stage of their career. Learn how to apply critical leadership skills within your organization and create an environment that recognizes achievements and encourages growth.

This learning suite includes five courses:

  • How to Build a Base of Personal Credibility and Trust
  • How to Build a Culture of Engagement that Maximizes Trust, Accountability and Performance
  • How to Develop Tomorrow’s Leaders Today: Succession Planning That Works
  • How to Lead, Coach and Develop a Winning Team
  • How to Succeed as a First-Time Manager


By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • illustrate techniques and behaviours to build credibility and trust
  • recognize the difference between expertise and credibility
  • determine the critical behaviours needed for a culture of engagement
  • set clear expectations regarding accountability and performance
  • recognize the role of leadership in changing a company’s culture
  • identify six organizational climate drivers
  • define the stages of leadership development
  • identify components of a competency-based development process
  • explain how to implement succession planning
  • define the purpose of job standards
  • list the characteristics of an effective leader
  • illustrate a model for team and organizational alignment
  • identify techniques for effective feedback and on-going communication
  • delegate for team member development and motivation
  • explain the difference between an individual contributor and management
  • recognize the pitfalls of first-time managers and how to avoid them

Who will Benefit:

Business leaders interested in understanding how to use data to differentiate their services.