This interactive, half-day workshop, led by a corporate veteran provides useful discussion, tips and applications on ten financial leadership topics, many of which are rarely covered in other sessions. The workshop includes several interactive brainstorming sessions where participants will benefit greatly from peer interaction. There is a section on quantitatively measuring the performance of the financial function. Attendees will get tips on how to deal with the sales department, as well as some unique leadership tips. They will also learn about reducing costs in the area of payroll, benefits and travel. A discussion on developing economic predictors for your organization is included, as well other topics of interest to financial leaders. There is something for everyone in this workshop.


  • Measuring the performance of the finance function
  • The top ten trouble spots for financial leaders
  • Dealing with the sales department
  • Insurance and risk management tips
  • Payroll and benefits tips – reducing this cost
  • Specific, useful, leadership tips, travel cost saving ideas and more


This seminar is designed for controllers and CFOs, as well as those in public practice who advise clients. It is also helpful for accountants moving toward senior leadership roles.